Can you decipher the musical instruments represented below?1. P O2. BA BA3. ECLART4. @?

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Answered: We have just adopted a year old Korean baby and he says "ba" and I was

There is a baby language that you might be hearing, noted by Priscilla Dunstan . She says that "neh" is the word for hunger.

Answered: Musical Instrument Question...

Actually, It was the thrombelblatt: an instrument that the Geneva Convention regards as the worst instrument of questioning since the harmonica. Thrombelblatts have been outlawed since the invention of the Harmonica, Ocarina, and Accordion -- for the same very good reasons!

Answered: What are the four capabilities of musical instruments ?

There are different types of musical instruments available, all that instruments are having certain rules and regulation for playing it. The basic capabilities of the musical instruments are:- Instruments for producing musical sound have long been classified as brass, or string. The musical ...

Answered: What are the best kinds of musical instruments for youngsters

Young kids are mostly taught recorder and keyboard / piano at a young age at school, this helps them develop a skill for picking up pitch and timing. Piano is a very good instrument to learn on, and benefits even guitar and drum skills with timing and dynamics. Flute, clarinet is a common 'step up ...

Answered: Lafayette trumpet made by couesnon paris

Here's one data point: I have a Cousenon Lafayette that I bought new around 1960, and the serial number is 44432, so I expect yours would be somewhat older. Dan

Answered: What P2P networks do you use for downloading files? What program do you

Well, there are actually many p2p filesharing sites not to mention p2p filesharing programs like bittorrent, utorrent and so on. I think it mainly depends on your preferences. I for one, have been looking into a new audials light freeware program just a couple of days ago. Among other things, it ...
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