Can you cite references in an abstract with APA style?

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Answered: How to cite mindEdge in apa format?

There's no official convention for citing an online course. Here's what I would suggest: The general format for both APA and MLA in-text citations is a parenthetical notation of author and location (if the location is not likely to change), so you should probably use the assignment number that you ...

Answered: What is APA citation maker?

It is the citation generator for APA style. You can try it for free here:

Answered: What are the different fashion styles?

Watch Clinton and Stacy in "What not to wear" sometime.

Answered: How do you cite a textbook apa style?

I use the OWL at Purdue University's online guide the web site is..
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Where should references be placed in an APA style paper?

It should be placed at the bottom of your paper.