can you cheat and still loose on hcg?

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Answered: Why does the hcg shot burn when you inject?

It's the alcohol in the prep pad that you clean your skin with. We wait until the area drys or use sterile water on our pediatric patients. Just that little bit of alcohol goes in with the injection, and yes it stings!

Answered: HCG diet

Any combination of the following: You are not following the 500 calorie diet You're calorie maintenance level is 500 calories - thats a long shot It isnt hCG - Perhaps its homeopathic, in which case you would have bad side effects You aare retaining water - this is a side effect of hCG for most ...

Answered: 6 weeks preg and low hcg

I think that you should stay in hospital and fight for this baby. I know that sometimes there is nothing to do, but when pregnancy is dangered it is best to stay in the hospital and let the doctors takes care of you!

Answered: What types of foods to eat whan gettin shots of hcg?

The diet plan is really easy. You eat no breakfast, only black coffee, tea or water. For lunch you can have 4 oz lean protein, 4 oz of fresh low starch vegatables, and a small fruit like and apple or pear. Same thing for dinner. This may sound restrictive but there are a lot of recipes that came ...

Answered: HCG diet plan website?

There sure is. Check it out: Ryan, Utah

Answered: When doing the HCG diet, can you take a day off?

I have done the hcg diet from and lost 16 pounds in 24 days the first time and am now doing it again. Have lost 11 pounds in 14 days this time and I took days off on both diet and still kept losing. Just don't go over board.
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