can you bring a folding walker on a delta flight?

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Answered: What happened on Delta 1824 flight?

Over-reaction. There are already some good conspiracy theory stuff on FBI and DHS so why make up this crap? Gosh. Not like they let the family back on the plane. Stereotypical bureaucrats stereotyping people with darker skin then their own. Grow up.

Answered: Roller walkers

They are like walkers with wheels. There's some more info on them here.

Answered: Where do delta flights originate?

Any place that Delta Airlines flies might originate a flight. Atlanta is headquarters. Detroit, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, New York, Memphis, and Cincinnati are hubs. They also fly out of Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo.

Answered: What not to bring on and air flight?

Guns, ammunition, knives (even a Swiss Army knife), sharp tools like a chisel or ice pick, straight razor, scissors with long pointed blades, pepper spray, explosives, fireworks, drinks, liquids of more than 3 oz including perfume and household cleaners.

Answered: Flight

It does depend on the time, in most airports you will be led to the connection flight area from which you can not leave the airport.
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