can wisdom teeth cause eye twitching?

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Answered: Wisdom teeth why do some people never get wisdom teeth

First off a semantic issue. No organism is more or less evolved than another, stating it that way infers that evolution has a goal that it is attempting to reach. This is a common misunderstanding, evolution/natural selection favor those organisms who are most adapted to their environments so no ...

Answered: Wisdom teeth

Oh, you were lucky before. When I got mine pulled I was in a lot of pain for the first three days...

Answered: Uncertain Causes of Sensitivity in my Teeth

Thank You...This all started many years ago when I was growing up and had poor denistry care. And the advances made over the last 2-3 decades have been very helpful. In fact if a person eats and brushes and uses the available treatments I can't see any reason to even have a cavity or dental work ...

Answered: Eye color change

Can happen from use of different drugs, and from some glaucoma drops.

Answered: What do dentist do with our teeth when they remove them.

I think once a tooth is removed it is useless and cannot be used again. But dentists may keep some for study reasons
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What causes internal shaking, eye shaking, body pain, headaches

Parkinsonism can cause tremor. It can be the result of some drugs (legal or illegal) including alcohol. AIDS is a possibility that can cause body pain and headache.

Lately, I have horrible dark circles under my eyes ...

Anything that increases circulation or oxygenation to the tissue. A trick actors do is apply Preperation H. Yes, the hemroid stuff. Contains shark oil. This works.

Wisdom tooth pain

you will need to get them pulled. if you don't it will continue to hurt.i had the same problem.i tried all kinds of pain killers NOTHING i ended up getting mine pulled.that was the ONLY WAY for the pain to stop. For more details pls visit

My wisdom teeth are growing and i'm having a lot ...

Is it mostly the upper teeth that hurt? If so, it could be that you have one heck of a sinus infection, which can feel a lot like a toothache.