Can we generalize a typical terrorist?

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Answered: Is Al Sharpton an American Terrorist?

Al Sharpton? Rest assured, there has never been a surlier or harsher black separatist bigot than he. Sharpton instilled the tendencies to abuse alcohol, lie, and scream obscenely, into Barrack Obama and has used every improbable excuse possible to maintain Obama's intense black separatist racism ...

Answered: Recognizing a palestinian terrorist

see if they salute the flag

Answered: What is the typical daily rountine of a buddist child? others

Answered: Leftist paramilitary organizations.

We have been teased before but let's hope it continues. I have only see over 5 hours and 59 posts by our leftist Muslim Atheist poster under 2 aliases. Brother B. had over 3 hours and 47 posts. Trampo had over an hour with 12 posts. He did post under anonymous but this is a great improvement from ...

Answered: Is the hatchet attacker a terrorist?

It's a matter of opinion, I think. Mine is, the man is a homicidal psychopath, who should be incarcerated for life.

Answered: Ideal targets for world-wide ridicule. What else ...

Rocmike, is it working? Does posting 24/7 stop you from preforming your gay sex?
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How sad and lonely is the leftist Muslim Atheist posters life? He has put in another 20 hour posting day and is posting on a question that's 5 years old.

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How lonely sad and pathetic is the the leftist Muslim Atheist poster. This question is 5 years old. Why doesn't this fool grow up and get a life.

Typical simpleminded leftists.

Rocmike give it a break. Everyone ignores you and nobody cares what you think. When was the last time that you left your computer? Do you post those poop picture because your sitting in shit from never leaving your computer?

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So I can better assist you, could you provide me with additional details? Thank you.