Can we apply transshipment models to inventory applications?

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Answered: Application

if you are looking for some samples of Application Letters you can just simply click the highlighted text on this comment and you will be redirected automatically on the page where there are lots of sample letters. or here is one of the sample I found there. Herewith, I am submitting my ...

Answered: What is wearelittlestars roberta models real name?

Rocmike do you actually believe this how a model would post? You are a sick joke.

Answered: What is meant by MIS Inventory?

You can find a lot of information about MIS inventory software at

Answered: Find application

Dendrimer-based ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane can effectively retain a variety of salts, such as sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, retention rate reaches 92%, in particular sodium sulphate, up to 98%. The membrane has high flux, and low operating pressure. Water flux ...

Answered: What are the primary variables being balanced in the eoq inventory model

The primary variables being balanced in the EOQ model are carrying costs and ordering costs. The more frequent orders are placed the lower the firm’s carrying costs and the higher its ordering costs. Ref:

Answered: Who do you talk to about using your child for modeling

What kind of modeling? How old is the child?
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