can wd40 fumes make you ill?

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Answered: Can you make meth with wd 40 ?

I hear that it makes it easier to swallow.

Answered: WD-40 Used for Arthritis and RLS

Hi Fay, ------------- On a normal occasional use WD-40 is not harmfull. All you have to do is wash the place with water and soap. However, there are some people who might be sensetive to that material (get red skin or feel irritation [in the skin or in the eyes]....etc) in that case that person ...

Answered: Can you use wd40 to remove bugs

I don't think so it will just get the surface oily. To remove bugs you need some good toxics .

Answered: Do I need to be certified in order to certify fume hoods? I have all the

If you've already started your own company, you've likely already registered in your state as an official company. I would assume that if when you went to register no one said anything about seeing a certification certificate, it's likely you don't need one.

Answered: What is the difference between terminal illness and chronic illness

Terminal means the person has a condition that will cause death. Chronic is a condition that a person has had for a long period of time. It may or may not cause death. A positive approach to any illness plays a big part in any recovery. God Bless
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My child is chroncially ill with an immune disease ...

go towhatever hospitals are in yr area. tell them what u told us. they should have support groups or can find one for you.

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Jesus wept, MIKEY, but that was a real ZINGER! And what is this? Sesame Street? Tommy Tadpole? Did mean old TOMMY TADPOLE kick widdle Mikey's a**, AGAIN?

What is the best way to cope with a chronic illness?

Eating healthy diet which is easy to digest, plenty of rest and high fluid intake along with the prescribed medicines is the best way to cope up with chronic illness.

I have a partner and she has a severe genetic illness.

If you use another's eggs not genetically tied to your wife, it shouldn't be a problem, but I would still ask your obstetrician, or (OB-GYN). Good luck to you both!