can vehicle be impounded with expired inspection in Pennsylvania?

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Answered: Phoenix arizona impound

off course you must pay the fees before you sell the car

Answered: How to impound a vehicle from residence/44202

In Iraq you would just blow it up. Why do you want to bog down with impounding rules and requirements?

Answered: Can i legally sneak my car out of an impound yard

I think you answered your question when you said legally and sneaked in the same sentence.

Answered: How much is the fine for violation of vehicle code

California VC 21456b is about pedestrian violation of Walk/Don't Walk; it would cost you $197.

Answered: Can I sign my car over to another party so that they can get my car out

if you have a clear title then you can sign it over to whoever you please & they can do it

Answered: First steps to becoming a pa state inspection station Start here at the state's official website, at the page titled "Doing Business in Pennsylvania"
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Talk to the court as it seems as you have done your homework also contact a local attorney for there advise on this.

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I suggest you mind your own business. You do not know their story. That's the problem with America, too many damn people minding other people's business, wanting to tell people how to live.

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There's always a fee to be paid in order to get a car that was impounded out. Contact the pound and find out how much it will cost and go to pay it. That's the only way to get the car back.