can u smoke time release oxycontin?

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Answered: How to dissolve oxycontin controlled release tabs

i have not found the answer to dissolve oxycontin controlled release

Answered: Hi Support, I found the quote below when I was ...

I'm not sure, but you can probably talk with your pharmacist or go to web md. I take this also. I read that oxycontin is more inhanced when taken with fatty foods. That's something I found interesting and planned to look for... which I have forgot to do until I read your question. I really haven't ...

Answered: Time management

Many time management tools are free of cost that are just a pain to use and there are some paid tools that are a waste of time. But my tasks has become easier and be more productive once I started using Replicon software ( ). At our ...

Answered: Time management

Time is money and it is the most precious resource that can never be get back. So, we should use it wisely. We have to realize that time management is a myth. Tracking daily activities is much better and useful too, we can form an accurate picture of what we actually do! To track daily activities ...
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Be careful getting it on the internet. Mostly because it is a strong and expensive drug, so there is a strong incentive to make fakes.

I am recovering from a two level disc fusion on ...

If problem keeps up can got to Oxycodone has 5 mg narctic and 325 tylenol which should do the tick I dealt with both for way longer . each persons tolerance to pain is diffrent . so Check with doctor about my suggestion should help. good luck.


you are renting that space and should be able to smoke there no matter what. try smoking by an open window.


They wanted to be examples of the ones we experiment on today?