can u reuse a home pregnancy test if the first time it come out negative and a week later the test is positive?

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Answered: Positive Pregnancy Test Then Negative

this link is helpful for you

Answered: If pregnancy test negative what it mean

You are not pregnant or it is too early to detect if you are pregnant.

Answered: Home pregnancy test was positve, exp heavy bleeding turned negative and

It sounds like to me she had a miscarriage then possibly get pregnant again. Has she been to the doctor? The doctor should be able to confirm what happened.

Answered: I and my Husband have A positive blood test is it possible that our child

Yes, A positive parents can have an A negative child.

Answered: I took an early pregnancy test this morning and got one dark line and one

everything about pregnancy tests and early pregnancy symptoms - in section PREGNANCY:

Answered: If I test negative for HIV and my partner test negative for HIV then we

Wash your pecker off before sex as though you were preparing a piece of meat for a person with a germ free fixation like Howard Hughes, rinse it several times in the hottest water you can stand mixed with alcohol. Wear at least four condoms (spermicidal) and use a spermicidal jelly and foam ...
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Negative htp after embryo transfer

Thank you for your quick reply. That is certainly GREAT to hear. Sunday is day 14 when they will do my beta. (which means today is day 11 post transfer and day 14 post retrieval). Quite honestly, I have done an hpt for the last 4 mornings and they're all coming up negative. I thought at first ...

3 Months Post Pregnancy, Not Breastfeeding NO PERIOD

it could be just a stress after twin delivery OR your endometrium was damaged during metrorrhagia (if instruments were used) - discover more below:

Can an endometrioma on my ovary cause a false negative pregnancy

It is still possible to get pregnant with endometrioma on the ovaries, so the results of the pregnancy should not be connected in any way. If you are pregnant, you need to make sure there is no risk that the endometrioma burst - speak to your doctor about this. best of luck to you.

Positive home pregnancy test, But no missed period?????

It is possible to be pregnant and still have a monthly period some women have them all the way through. Trust the tests until they are proven wrong.