can tranh gi khi mang thai?

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Answered: Controlling mange in an older dog

Happy Jack Mange medicine. It's about the best you can get and bathe your dog often with betadine

Answered: Help i seemed to get a rash from a cat that i believe has mange!

Yes, you can get scabies from a cat that has mange. I have cats that have it. You can try to treat it with home remedies which I don't recommend. I recommend seeing a doctor. You have to wash all of your clothing in hot water as well as your bed linens and treat your carpet. You can do a good steam ...

Answered: What is the best Thai food you have eaten? How do we distinguish a Thai

The best Thai food i have eaten in koh-Chang is the noodle rolls with dried shrimp! You can distinguish it from the spices that is used in the food. If the food has Thai spices then maybe thats Thai food =). For example, thai basil, kaffir lime leaf, coriander.

Answered: Are there any home remedies for manges?

Go to the feed store and tell them you want a dip for scabies, or mange mites. You have to dip the dog in it 2 times. All fallen out hair will grow back after the mites are dead.

Answered: What disease imflames the gi

gastroenteritis and diverticulosis

Answered: Where can I buy thai silk in Beijing?

5 Dashilangjie, Qian Men Wai Beijing, 11 100051 China +86 10 6303 5313 Open Hours9am-8.30pm daily.
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Thai Food

My favorite Thai food is Tom Yam Goong. A unique combination of spicy hot and sour which makes it an ideal start to a meal, or - when paired with rice. I ate this dish at the Thai Square Restaurant. The most authentic Thai Restaurant in London with original exotic flavors and fragrances.

My dog often experiences sky skin which appears in ...

Your dog may have sensitive skin and the pet shampoo you are currently using could be causing the dry scaly skin and flakiness. Harsh ingredients can contribute to build-up. Consider using mild and gentle pet care products with natural ingredients. Source: http://www.natural-goat-milk-soap ...

My Thai passport expired 3 years ago and I need to travel back home for

Hi First ask your Airlines, second check online, send an email to the next Thai Embassy / Consulate in your area, thrid call your Embassy /Consulate in your area. MORINGA OLEIFERA