can the sig sauer p239 fire with a round in chamber and no maganize in the pistol?

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Answered: How good is the sig sauer p 239

RUfan, SIG's are some of the best quality pistols you can buy, including the P239. Back in the 80's and 90's they were THE best semi-automatic pistols on the market. Since then other manufactures have improved their quality to match SIG but, in my opinion, you still can't get much better. Hope ...

Answered: Can you shoot 357 magnum ammunition in a 40 calliber semi automatic

Absolutely not. Doing that will very likely destroy your pistol, and quite possibly your hands.

Answered: Why doesnt sig sauer make the 32 cal anymore?

This is not an effective self defense weapon. This low energy cartridge just cannot deliver a telling impact on an enemy although it might make a nasty flesh wound on an unarmed civilian. My choice of sidearm was the Colt M1911-A1 but now we carry Beretta 9MM. There is much talk about ...

Answered: Info on my pistol

As Norm says, it's probably an Iver Johnson. Any seasoned gunsmith can measure the chamber and tell you the correct caliber of the pistol or revolver.
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The 10mm auto round was introduced by Norma in 1986 for the Bren Ten. That was the first .40 cal automatic round offered. In 1990, Smith and Wesson introduced the .40 Smith and Wesson cartridge, a downsized version which has less recoil and muzzle blast. It's sold under the name .40 S&W, which ...

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