can substitute teachers in california collect unemployment?

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Answered: If a teacher is terminated can they collect unemployment insurance in

A friend of mine was terminated. He was a teacher. He was terminated for unsatisfactory observations. He is a good teacher but the administration did not like him and terminated by trumping up false 'bad' observations. Can he collect unemployment?

Answered: Substitute Teaching Expenses in CA

I renew and pay for my 30 day credential online at the California Commission on Teacher Credentialling website: For more information about substitute teaching, see The Fine Art of Substitute Teaching Blog

Answered: If i am fired from a job in indiana for refusing a drug screen with

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Answered: If a person is collecting unemployment benefits ...

Check with your state's department of labor, might be eligible for temporary disability benefits instead. Of course I'm sure this would require filling out official forms from a doctor, etc.

Answered: I am moving from northern california to souther cali. if i cant find a

I'm really confuse on your question.. But if I understand it right I don't think you will have any problem regarding that.. BOSTON MOVING COMPANIES

Answered: Stuck Working in California (Unemployment Insurance?!?!)

You'll have to email them on the unemployment website and they can give you an answer. It will take about a week for them to respond. I tried calling hundreds of times in the last month and you can not get through. Sometimes you will reach the recording that will actually take you through the ...
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Your best bet is to use your ample free time to find another job and save the unemployment for those who weren't at fault for losing their jobs!

Can you collect unemployment if you worked for a ...

In the U.S., the answer is yes, you can. Whether the business is a franchise or not doesn't matter as long as you meet the other qualifications for collecting, such as length of time worked.

If I am receiving unemployment benefits in New York State and then move

It's possible that the following applies while you're receiving unemployment benefits, as well as before: Q: What if I am going to move out of New York State? A: If you are looking for work outside of New York State or are planning to move to another state, you must contact the Telephone Claims ...

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I own a business that has not had work for months. Can I get unemployment?