can somebody with open heart surgery to get a tattoo?

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Answered: Activities after open heart surgery

I had open heart surgery June 2009. Four weeks after my surgery, I was able to go for walks and do some very light housework, such as setting the table, putting dishes away, folding laundry as long as someone else pulled it from the dryer and put it on the folding table. My best advice, listen to ...

Answered: What causes severe shortness of breath after open heart sugery

Stephanie, Just so you know, I must say up front that I'm not a physician, and these statements are essentially educated speculation based upon my conversations with family members who have experienced open-chest surgeries. While flexing muscles of the chest and abdomen to take a normal breath ...

Answered: How open heart surgeries was performed in 1890s

i don't think that they were being done yet.

Answered: Dr. Rogers @ Duke Hospital- Durham-on ...

Here is Dr. Joseph Rogers profile.

Answered: Financial help for surgery

Excellent question. Try to click the link below and find out excellent answers too. Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

Answered: Tattoo age with parental consent in nc and sc

In most states it's illegal to give someone under 18 a tattoo, parental consent or not.
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Are you on disability? You should qualify for Medicaid or Medicare under disability. Go online - type in 'Free Medical Clinics - your city - your state. A page will pop up with free or very low cost medical clinics in your area. These are manned by medical doctors that donate their time one or ...

What to do if having chest pain months after heart surgery?

If you are having chest pain, surgery or no surgery, SEE A DOCTOR. An EKG will tell whether you are having heart problems. But it could be something else, like pneumonia, or heartburn.

How long is the hospital stay for laparoscopy ...

I think that one or two days max.