can professional athletes receive unemployment compensation?

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Answered: In New Jersey is one entitled to unemployment compensation while

in NJ what are the part time employees entitled to by law?

Answered: How long after phone hearing do you get an answers on unemployment

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Answered: How does obamas stimulis plan effect unemployment compensation

When states get the money from D.C. to put into their unemployment funds, the states will have to accept the new changes to their state laws which were written by Nancy Pelosi. Unemployment 'insurance' will now be paid to people who voluntarily stop working, to people who 'can't document their ...

Answered: Professional Development Plan

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Answered: Are unemployment compensation payments subject to Federal or State income

Each State administers a separate unemployment compensation program within guidelines established by Federal law. In the majority of States, benefit funding based solely on a tax imposed on employers.
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Can you receive a one time lump sum of your unemployment benefits instead

no bc it can change every wk... meaning you have to answer questions like... did you work and what not...

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I am a party service and other companies call me for many services of which i use vendors. I also have people call me to do bartending and waitstaff serives. When someone calls me for a wait or bartender the person who wants the services pays me a finder's fee and then pays the employee. I don't ...

If i am fired from a job in indiana for refusing a drug screen with

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If a person is collecting unemployment benefits ...

Check with your state's department of labor, might be eligible for temporary disability benefits instead. Of course I'm sure this would require filling out official forms from a doctor, etc.