can prednisone be taken with amoxicillin?

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Answered: Ear infection

Yes, Amoxil anti bacterial drug that prevents the growth of drug-resistant bacteria and fights bacterial infections.Amoxil injections, pediatric suspensions and capsules contain amoxicillin as an active ingredient.

Answered: Is prednisone used for pluerisy??

Prednisone could be used especially if tuberculosis was involved. More common would be NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

Answered: Prednisone Side effects

Forget Ambiem .I just got out of hospital ,they found me even with my do not resuitate necklass on and here I am. Large bruse on face feel like hell. Trying gun next.

Answered: How long can I use amoxicillin after the prescription is filled? 2 MOS,1

Joyce, In addition to Luv's answer, usually the prescription bottle tells you what date to discard the drug (the expiration date). Be blessed

Answered: Coming off prednisone

I would go 15/5 for several days, then 20/0. Now taper the 20mg dose by about 2.5 every few days. There is really no right way to do it. Just know that if you start to feel bad, slow the rate of the taper. Oh, and what was the prednisone started for? JayR

Answered: Money taken from my bank account

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What does amoxicillin do for you? This is a very informative website.

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How to reduce prednisone from 20 mgs a aday to nothing?

If you take 20 mg and just stop your adrenal gland could stop working. You need to taper off. A typical taper is 20 mg for 5 days, 15 mg for 5 days, 10mg for 5 days and 5 mg for 5 days. That allows your body to adjust and your adrenal gland to start functioning again. I have R.A. and that is ...

Can amoxicillin and levaquin be taken together

Jack, These 2 drugs can be taken together. There is no problem.