Can person convicted of a dwi felony obtain a twic card?

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Answered: In new york can i lose my electrical license if convicted of a class E

I'm thinking that they would cut you some slack for unlawful wearing of a body vest. You want to narrow down the list for us?

Answered: Can a person rights be restored if they have more than one felony?

i have a warrant for my arrest 15 year ago is it still there

Answered: Drunkdriver is a dui a felony?

It depends in what state you received the dwi, and how many, in Wisconsin you get tree strikes before your a felon

Answered: Felony Gun owner?

Here is what Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms says about this issue. You can find it on BATF Form 4473 Question 12.C Notice 6, Exception 1. A person who has been convicted of a felony, or any other crime, for which the judge could have imprisoned the person for more than one year, or who ...

Answered: If someone is convicted of felony and in his ...

the answer is no, since swords are dangerous weapons.

Answered: Can I get a license to become a physician assistant if I have a felony on

This most likely depends on the state in which you want to work. Find out on your state's health and human services website who to contact about this sort of question. Or contact a PA degree program to ask.
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I want to study law

It's possible, there is no statute that automatically disqualifies you. Get an expungement, do community service, be candid, and stay out of trouble. Their is a person who was convicted of murder and money laundering on the new jersey bar. The president of the California bar had a felony DUI ...

How long does dallas county have to indict a person following their

i can only say what they do in massachusetts, but our courts cover up to 6 city's then they go to the worst crimes first, then they continue going down the list getting the worst crimes first next to the worst so on. this state uses the grand jury before handing down an inditment (accusation) you ...

Can i use my lloyds tsb plus card in bangkok

Don't think you should have a problem. It's just like other credit cards.

Can u pleabargin a DWI to public intoxication in fort bend TX

If you have a shtld of money and the court is very corrupt, it would be possible. I believe that the best you could hope for would be a downgrade to driving while impaired, if TX has this particular law on the books like some other states.