can oxycodone cause blood in urine?

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Answered: I have a 29 year old gelding, which has started to ...

Since no "official" problems have been found, and considering his age, its probably just a sign that his organs have begun to falter. Its a sad stage, but one that is enivitable. My gelding and mare were put down on the same day this past January. I had him for 17 years and her for 22. It was a ...

Answered: Frequent urination

Another one women have to deal with more frequent than men is urinary tract infection. In such case another signs can appear as well, like pain when urinating and different than usual odour.

Answered: Urination urge.

See your doctor.

Answered: Can high blood pressure be hereditary or is it primarily caused by bad

Definitely, bad lifestyle can be a big factor in your BP rise. I would recommend a total change if you want to preserve your health and live longer.

Answered: My 3 year old girl has frequent urination during ...

Persistant need to urinate can also warn there are serious health issues to treat as soon as possible. Those can be diabetes, kidney stones, some chronic kidney disease, bladder/ovaries tumor etc.

Answered: My 88 year old father has frequent urination and ...

Hi, My friend OronD gave you a great advice, I gave him 2 thumbs up. It is very common for the elderly population espcially people over 75 years of age to have urinary incontinence, they can't hold their urine. Your father needs to be checked by a urologist or a geriatric doctor. He may need ...
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Constant sensation of urination

There are many facets to this question. #1: If I knew the name of the medication you are taking, I could look it up and find out the side effects, interactions, dosage, etc. The best I can do on this part of the question is to ask you to go to any larger Pharmacy, and near where you pick up your ...

What causes bladder stones and what is the preferred method for removing

A range of treatment options are available for bladder stones , so the outlook for the condition is good. Treatments for bladder stones are usually effective in removing them, and invasive surgery (surgery involving major incisions) is not usually required.

Sudden uncontrolled urination in a 5 year old

I would absolutely take your son to the doctor right away. He could have a urinary infection or something else. Whenever something is unusual with your child, you should always take the greatest precautions... because you never know what it could be and it always wins to be safe. Make sure you ...

My blood pressure is dropping.

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