can opener with knife sharpener?

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Answered: I need advice about where to buy a knife and what price to expect? I need

They have a pretty good mark up, so some people sell them cheap where they don't have a lot of overhead, like flea markets which usually have them.

Answered: How can I sharpen a knife by myself? What type of gear do I need? And how

Hello Theodor, very basic question. First is the knife expensive? Do you use it a lot or a little? Is it damaged in any way other than being dull? What kind of cutting do you use the knife for? If you just want to refresh the edge try these suggestions. Put the steel in your left hand if you are ...

Answered: How can i sharpen a knife ?

Proverbs 27:17 says iron sharpens iron so you can use one knife to sharpen another by grinding them together at an angle with the sharp parts touching each other. It takes practice and it's easier to see it done than to tell you how to do it. A simpler way is to buy a sharpening brick and file the ...

Answered: Hollow Ground Blade

Knife sharpening is an art , today you can find many accessories developed specially for home knife sharpening. I would prefer a professional but if you decided on sharpening your knife by your own you should take it with you to the shop you are visiting. I would recommend getting a Grey carborundum ...

Answered: Case knife. I have a yellow case knife xx on blade ...

Hi, This knife was made in 2005 and is the trapper model, in 1970 the base of the blade said case xx usa and then had 10 dots under that each year they took away one of the dots until 1980 then they put five dots on each side of the two XX and took away 1 dot every year until 1990 then they stamped ...

Answered: Can't open inbox

Post Cant open inbox again, maybe it will open for you, YOU IDIOT!!!! Where are you from, Florida!!!!
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Buying a sharpening rod.

You should choose sharpening rod that is compatible to your knife and make sure that it made in rough material. dinnerware

My mom bought me a nice knife block this past ...

Hi Marie, If the knives are of good quality, they should have directions for use and storage, and most importantly, cleaning. Keep them in the block with sharp side away from you and be careful when you put them in. For sharening it depends on the amount of use how often you need to sharpen them ...

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Commemorative WWII commando knife victory edition 1605 of 2500 current

You would be lucky to get what you paid for it.