can Oil of oregano cause kidney failure?

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Answered: Though I understand taking Oil of Oregano is ...

Herbalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Many alkaloids have dramatic effects on the central nervous system. ..... Taking a food grade oil and soaking herbs in it for anywhere from weeks to months ... Whole herb consumption - This can occur in either dried form (herbal .... Oregano(Origanum ...

Answered: Can kidney failure cause diharrea?

Acute kidney failure can cause diarrhea, even bloody diarrhea.

Answered: Prognosis of patient with acute renal failure to ...

My mother was first diagnosed in chronic kidney disease Stage 5 (End stage) but was able to have peritoneal dialysis and lasted almost 3 years. She might have lasted 6 months without dialysis, as she did have a little urine output when first diagnosed. Acute renal failure can sometimes be treated ...

Answered: My husband has gotten kidney stones several times in the past year. Is

If you are an excessive eater of particular foods, you’re bound to meet some complications. There are many foods to avoid with kidney stones. Calcium is one of the main causes of kidney stone development, so lay off or reduce your milk, cheese or dairy product intake. If you already have kidney ...

Answered: Can a patient of 24yrs female having chronic end stage renal failure can

Hi, Chronic renal failure is resolvable with a renal transplant,which is a relatively common procedure in the united states today.

Answered: Definition of oregano

A perennial Eurasian herb (Origanum vulgare) of the mint family, having aromatic leaves that are used as a seasoning.
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