can northern pike fish teeth in the skin cause infection?

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Answered: Does anyone have any awesome techniques for fishing Northern Pike?

Big pike generally do not bother with small minnows, frogs and bugs. Their main food is walleyes, small hammer-handles, suckers, chub and whitefish. The big pike will hang out where they can ambush walleyes. The prime ambush area is points leading into bays. Pike will hit just about any lure. The ...

Answered: Are Northern Pike and Musky territorial fish?

In the majority of cases yes, however, in some larger water bodies in Canada they have coexisted for a long time.

Answered: Is it common for Northern Pike to bite people?

The answer is a qualified yes. Pike are one of the most aggressive fish anywhere. They will kill just to kill and not even eat the bait. You have to be very careful when handling this type of fish.

Answered: Is it common for Northern Pike to bite people?

Northern Pike generally won't attack you or bite you if your swimming, they don't tend to attack anything larger then themselves. However if your in a boat and splashing your hand in the water they may attack, thinking its a weak dying fish. If your fishing, be sure to keep your hands away from ...

Answered: What kind of riging would i use for northern pike?

A quick strike rig provides the perfect presentation when using dead bait. It allows for a single hook to be placed through the lips, while a treble hook is lightly skewered on the upper back side toward the tail end.
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Article on skin infection guidelines

You can follow the link below for guidelines of prevention skin infection ..

What is the best pike fishing technique?

For northern pikes I recommend artificial lures and plugs. The majority of my buddies usually cast, followed by trolling. Make sure you use a good, steel leader and 15 lb + test line if you are fishing specifically for pike.

How to fish for northern pike on shore?

I don't think you'd have much luck fishing for pike on shore. They mostly hang out in lakes and rivers. If you were going to try fishing FROM shore, a good rig, I think, would be a fairly long fishing rod with a medium heavy or heavy action. Use a good grade of spinning or bait casting reel that ...

Need a line to salt water surf fishing

Use a good grade of nylon monofilament line, 15 to 20 lb test, for a spinning rig. Use a good quality coated, braided casting line, 20 to 30 lb test, for bait casting rigs. I like Spider for a brand name, although there are several others which are very likely just as good.