can nerve damage result from bone marrow biopsy and aspirations?

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Answered: During radiation treatment for prostrate cancel the radiation damaged my

I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. To my understanding, the amount of time it takes a nerve to heal depends on the severity of the damage. I would urge you to follow up with the physician who is taking care of you to get more information and ensure there are no serious complications ...

Answered: Abnormal subchondral cystic & bone marrow edema

Marie- I think that your surgeons want you to think that this is way too serious. After all, if they cannot persuade you to have surgery, paying for their Escalades, could become problematic. And why did you have this test (Xray, CT, MRI ?) in the first place? You need to have a discussion with ...

Answered: What to do with nerve pain that is caused from ...

Malpractice regarding pain is hard to prove.

Answered: Needle biopsy results

Thank you for your quick response, however my question pertains to the sliced tissue. Can the tissue be tainted by being bloody? We are told that the results were inconclusive because the tissue was too bloody.

Answered: How long do i have to sue for nerve damage due to the docter tying my

Like I said before You Need to talk with a Lawyer in your area,consiltation is free.
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Yikes! I would suggest you go see your primary doctor to get the right information. In addition, you will most likely need a referral anyways. You may want to talk to a medical malpractice lawyer as well. So sorry to hear. Good luck.

What does it mean to have an inconclusive bone marrow test result?

It means there were no conclusions drawn from the results.