can mood disorders be cured?

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Answered: Can you cure anxiety disorders?

Anxiety emotions will occur if our body is in danger, it will send the signals to the body to alert about the danger, therefore anxiety can't be cured or terminate, there is only chance to reduce the anxiety disorder feelings. Anxiety moves into a disorder when a person suffers physically ...

Answered: Can anyone tell me what mood disorder access 1 is

When a diagnosis is made, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, ed 4 is used. It is divided up into subgroups, Axis. The diagnosis will determine which Axis it falls under. Here is a brief article that will introduce you to the DSM-IV. I ...

Answered: Mood disorder?

Well, you are only 17, and still a teenager. Some mood swings are normal, especially around your cycle. I am not a psychiatrist or a therapist but, the symptoms that you are describing do go along with Bipolar DisorderII. There is I and II. Do you ever feel out of control, obsessive, impulsive, and ...

Answered: Anyone with seizure disorders please share here...

Ah-ba, That name may stick, or maybe be changed. We think we pick gramma or nana or whatever the case may be but sometimes it is picked for us. I find mine endearing and I do not doubt that you do too of yours. On seizures, I took notes of what you gave me and will add to my ever growing folder for ...

Answered: Hiv cure by dr agbalazzy , email him for cure

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