can macrobid cure bacterial vaginosis?

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Answered: What is bacterial vaginosis?

it is vaginal infection - see in section INFECTIONS:

Answered: How to cure bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a kind of health ailment that causes vaginal discharge and overgrowth of unusual bacteria in the vagina. This is an alarming health situation where unusual growth of bacteria in their vagina affects a woman and most of the bacterial action takes places near the vaginal ...

Answered: Candidiasis and Bacterial Vaginosis

both infections stay during whole month - check all possible symptoms and treatments in sections VAGINAL INFECTIONS and in NATURAL REMEDIES:

Answered: Bacterial Vaginosis

discover natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis in section NATURAL REMEDIES:

Answered: I recently got treated for a bacterial infection ...

That's disgusting, hope you're okay now. Bacterial infections are usually treated with antibiotics but recent studies show that it does more harm than good in the long run. Because antibiotics kill the good and bad bacteria, and bad bacteria proliferate faster than the good ones, recurring ...

Answered: Bacterial Vaginosis

Yes, bacterial vaginosis is indeed an extremely common infection, in fact the most common vaginal infection. It is also very hard to cure. This is because the bacteria quickly become resistant to the antibiotics used to treat the infection. A natural cure is definitelt the best way to cure the ...
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Relatioship between bacterial vaginosis and pneumonia

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) or terribly uncommonly duct bacteriosis could be a sickness of the channel caused by bacterium. in keeping with the U.S. Centers for sickness management and bar (CDC), risk factors for BV embrace douching and having new or multiple sex partners, though it's unclear what role ...

What is bacterial vaginosis?

bacterial vaginosis happens when the vaginal ph balance is disturbed for any reason whatsoever. some of the common symptoms of this infection include grayish white vaginal discharge and fishy vaginal odor. ...

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What are the best ways to treat bacterial vaginosis?

I have tried natural remedies, home treatments, and Metronidazole, nothing seems to help. I called CDC and my local Health Department and told them about my situation, they weren't much help. I'm asking every women/girl out there with the same problem to call there local Health Department and ...