can kittens have FelV/FIV if parents are negative?

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Answered: Kittens

Oh yeah. Many cat breeds develop white stripes on their backs. It's normal.

Answered: Does anyone here have a kitten from the humane society?

Yes, I have gotten kittens from the Humane Society before, gotten 3.

Answered: Sick kittens cant poop solid stomach tries to poop ...

Pumpkin is very good for helping cats with digestive issues, so you are on the right track. Had she been eating anything solid prior to this occuring? As often a sudden change in diet can wreck havoc on a cat's digestive system. My concern is dehydration as well as blockage. Is she drinking enough ...

Answered: Free kitten

Go support your local animal shelter, the kittens are inexpensive and they need a good home.

Answered: Fiv feline aids

I was in a very similar situation I rescued a stray cat that was abandoned and this cat tested positive for feline aids and leukemia. I wrote several article on the topic and a blog for my FIV and FeLv cat. I know my blog and articles will help you, as I have four other healthy cats and I choose ...

Answered: Treating senior parents

I agree with Charles, most seniors live in constant frustration at the loss of their independence, and even when you are trying to help, they resent the fact that they need help or that others think they need it. If you can find an independent living retirement community nearby, that's one of the ...
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Fading kitten syndrome

Among the common symptoms include a loss of interest in nursing, the kitten remaining small. The kitten gets cold, dehydrates and her/his blood circulation starts to fail.

How can you find out if a person selling kittens ...

misten, Just ask the person selling the kittens and puppies if they have had any shots. Then tell them you want the receipt from the Vet showing what shots were given. I don't know if all states require this, but it would be a good idea. Sparky's Mom

9-week old kitten

If there's sudden weight loss, frequent diarrhea and vomiting, your kitten might have worms.

What does a cat do to disown her kittens?

My guess would be that she either suspects that the other kittens maybe too weak to survive or diseased in some way or she just can't care for them or doesn't want all of them. Four kittens can be a handful, not just to feed, but to shelter and protect. They can attract the wrong attention. Or ...