can kittens have FelV/FIV if parents are negative?

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Answered: Ragdoll kittens anywhere in this world?

Do like Anonymous' answer. May be best to opt for the option.

Answered: What to do for parents who had miscarriage?

Just be there for them, you can't do anything, and there is very little you can say, but you can be supportive and listen if they need to talk.

Answered: Kittens

Oh yeah. Many cat breeds develop white stripes on their backs. It's normal.

Answered: Why do children always prefer the parent who was out of their lives most

Children often prefer the more permissive parent. If they have problems with the rules with mom, they might have an alternative with dad.

Answered: Does anyone here have a kitten from the humane society?

Yes, I have gotten kittens from the Humane Society before, gotten 3.
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Free kitten

Go support your local animal shelter, the kittens are inexpensive and they need a good home.

Is it hard being a parent?

Only if you care.

Fiv feline aids

I was in a very similar situation I rescued a stray cat that was abandoned and this cat tested positive for feline aids and leukemia. I wrote several article on the topic and a blog for my FIV and FeLv cat. I know my blog and articles will help you, as I have four other healthy cats and I choose ...

Kittens that are sick

It is very much similar to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SID). A fading kitten may appear within 24 hours to 9 days after birth. The symptoms include a loss of interest in nursing, the kitten remaining small. The kitten gets cold, dehydrates and her/his blood circulation starts to fail.