can kittens drink carnation milk?

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Answered: Carnation Milk Poem

I have NO idea what you are talking about

Answered: Milk to make cheese did not curdle, help

By accident, I once boiled milk while warming up, and the end result is constipation. I then used the same method over the years to cure diarrhea, and it works every time.

Answered: Milk cream turn into pink

Thank Bonestructure and Glengarry..

Answered: I'm looking after someone else's kitten and he won't drink water

I've owned many kittens, so maybe I'll be able to help you. First of all, if it's still a kitten, it may not be ready just yet to move on to milk. But if it drank milk already for it's real owner, then maybe you should try what ColDeST wiNTer suggested by gradually adding water to the milk. Before ...

Answered: Is it safe for a person to drink camel's milk?

For baby camels Who? who, exactly, partakes in the creation of drinkable camel milk besides the camel? who drinks it? leopatra herself is said to have bathed in the milk of a dromedary camel (or was it an ass?) to preserve her skin's youthful beauty. Did it work? Legend knows. In present ...
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this remedy is specifically for phlegm , carnation here would refer to carnation milk

Why do some felines not have breast milk for their kittens

Some mothers, in all the mamal family are unable to produce milk. I think it has something to do with hormones . You should check with your vet or pet shop to see about bottle feeding. Kittens cannot tolerate cows milk but if it is diluted and has a little bit of corn syrup, it should be okay ...

Freezing milk

Absolutely. Jay