can illegal immigrants vote in california?

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Answered: How can americans put an end to immigration

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Answered: Why? Illegal immigrants are allowed to vote!

Unfortunately most of the bastards (the invaders) have so many forms of illegal identification, that no one checks, that they can get away with anything, including voting. Nice huh? I live in the south eastern part of Neb. where most of the invaders have invaded, because of the agricultural jobs and ...

Answered: Illegal Immigration

Mark: On the website I've pasted below, the facts are these: California Tax Payers pay $10.5 Billion for Illegal Immigrants in California. Illegal Immigrants pay approximately $1.5 billion in taxes, leaving $9 billion that the rest of Californians pay for Illegal Immigrants. The breakdown is as ...

Answered: How can some one who is illegal have legal rights in America?

People that where not born in the US and or illegal should get 1000000% more than any scum bag tax american paying citizen as long as we get their vote! This is the policy of our American Government Today! Join the circus!

Answered: Illegal immigration?

Illegal is what it is. Not legal. Should not be in this country. Try running around Europe or the Orient without your papers. For that matter try running around Mexico without legal papers. It is incredible that we as a supposed intelligent Nation would even be discussing this. We should most ...

Answered: What is broken with immigration

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BREAKING NEWS California angels baseball player Killed by hit and run illegal ****************************************************************** Welcome to The UNITED STARES OF MEXICO ****************************************************************** IMMIGRATION, HERE WE ...

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Check out this free accident helpline Good luck!

Injunction against Arizona immigration law

I think it is clear that the Arizona law doesn't conflict any immigration legislation maybe the conflict arised because the Obama administration doesn't want to support the Immigration law in Arizona. It seems that the Obama administration is giving illegals more rights than the legal one which is ...

What happens to property of illegal aliens if charged with asault

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