can I watch local news on hulu?

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Answered: Should Google buy Hulu?

Sure, go ahead.. Let's create ANOTHER Mega-Corporation to eventually run our Country.

Answered: Does the media report news or watching grass grow ...

People getting killed in Mozambique isn't even news in Mozambique. How is it news here? Should the news report on every person who gets killed in every part of the world? That would be a vary long ( as in endless ) news report. Trampo calls them "liberal". Really, their commercial. Reporting ...

Answered: Local news not updating

If the truth were reported then all leftist liberls would look like the drunken pederasts that they are. Of course all leftists lie. It is all that thesde drunken immoral guttersluts ever did well. Maybe that is why all mu-slime are child molesting perverts, drunks, and disgusting suicide bombing ...

Answered: Can you eliminate the local news section from the welcome page. It is so

Oh no. It doesn't tell you what you want to hear, and insist on telling you the actual news. It must be liberal. Does it never occur to you that it is YOU that is biased, and not them?

Answered: where is the hulu code?

I have a huluplus 2 month free ($16.00 value) trial that came with the Blu-ray player. How do I activate it?
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Most reliable news? Certainly not the Huffington Post. I would go with