Can i take warfarin and methamphetamine?

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Answered: Can acetaminophen be taken with warfarin

Yes, (although if you were to have liver problems one would avoid Tylenol products) - Aspirin, however should not be taken with warfarin unless the doctor tells you to. (They are both bloodthinners)

Answered: Mouthswab and methamphetamines

It depends on how long have you been dependent to a particular drugs. If you have been long using a methamphetamine, you might need to undergo a medical detox program then you can use a 12-step rehab for effective treatment.

Answered: How much asprin in 5mg of warfarin?

Warfarin does not contain aspirin. Warfarin and aspirin are different drugs, although they are similar in inhibiting blood clotting.

Answered: Real methamphetamine (adderal)

One is made by scientists and regulated by doctors, the other is made by criminals and specificaly not regulated by the drug dealers. Methamphetamine in any form though is very addictive and potentialy dangerous.

Answered: Methamphetamines and incest?

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Methotrexate sodium is an antineoplastic agent used in cancer chemotherapy, rheumatoid arthritis, and believe it or not, psoriasis. We have virtually eliminated M-Na as there are more effective and less toxic agents. Usually we consult in team to make these decisions. It inhibits dihydrofolic ...

Warfarin interactions

Go to for printable PDF versions of the manufacture's brochures and patient information leaflets. They will tell you about any interactions, diet, and everything else you need to know. Your pharmacist and your doctor should have given you this info with your prescription.

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