can i take subutex and methadone at the same time?

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Answered: Minocycline and methadone

These are both prescription drugs. The best plan would be to consult the physician who wrote the prescription(s) for you. If there is a "nurse-on-line" available through your telephone company, that would be a place to check also.

Answered: Methadone detox, I tried 24mg. subutex a day to ...

Enter into one of many detox programs .

Answered: Is oxycontin as good as methadone as far as a stabilizer for pain

at this time I'm currently prescribed methadone for tw busted knees , I've found methadone to be a wonder drug. I was on percocet , fentanyl and a few other drugs before my father in law told me to talk to my doctor about tryng methadone. In my case methadone worked better with a longer rate of ...

Answered: Time management

Many time management tools are free of cost that are just a pain to use and there are some paid tools that are a waste of time. But my tasks has become easier and be more productive once I started using Replicon software ( ). At our ...

Answered: Time management

Time is money and it is the most precious resource that can never be get back. So, we should use it wisely. We have to realize that time management is a myth. Tracking daily activities is much better and useful too, we can form an accurate picture of what we actually do! To track daily activities ...
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Opiods vs methadone

All opiates are very difficult to rehab off of. I know that Methadone can help not only to rehab off of heroin but many other drugs/prescriptions also. If you are addicted to methadone or "doaners" it is a long and very difficult process. I wish you and your family the best because any addiction ...

Anyone ever detoxed off methadone?

I was addicted to methadone for about 9 months. I was taking 30 to 40 mgs per day. It does not sound like much but it was enough to get addicted. I decided to quit cold turkey before my addiction got worse. The first week was bad, I had major psychological problems, couldn't sleep, eat, or get ...

Opiates & Methadone detox with suboxone

You should be off opiates for 18-24 hrs. You want to start the suboxone when you start to feel withdrawals. with methadone it takes a bit longer. you can switch from methadone to oxycodone (short acting)the first week and then switch to the suboxone. good luck. jan