can i take kratom with percocet?

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Answered: Has anyone had success using Kratom for help with getting off vicodin?

I dont know about Vicoden but, Kratom is being studied as a possible way to assist with opiate withdrawal and early studies seem to indicate that it could be effective because it seems to have an effect on opiate receptors. There is plenty of Kratom information online and ...

Answered: What is percocet 15 v 5811


Answered: Www,

There are 2 factors to quitting any substance. The first, you need to set up a schedule to taper off of it. Do not try to quit cold turkey, and do not accelerate your schedule even if you think you can. For example, it says you use capsules, so let's assume you take 10 capsules a day now. In ...

Answered: take 100 percocet tablets per day and live?

Quickly followed by a hefty dose of Narcan and the purging of stomach contents, etc, one might survive. Likely result of taking 100 percocet tabs? -> death by respiratory failure.

Answered: What are the effects if someone is taking oxcyodone and percocet

well it depends on the amount...most likly sluggish speech and movement and possibly nodding of....are they abusing it...or is that what you are trying to find out?
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My ex boyfriend was on percocet and he would get a bottle for a month supply and it was gone in 2 wks.. he was also on ocecotin how ever you spell it and morphene.. he is off all 3 of them all of them made him go through terrible withdrawals.. he had dr prescribe something not so stronge not sure ...

Where to buy kratom portland or?

I found a great site that you can order from and sense they are located in Portland you can schedule a pick up if you email them. Its called Buy Kratom

Where to buy kratom tea in greenville, s.c.?

You can purchase Kratom tea at Garner's natural life located at. 27 South Pleasantburg Drive Greenville, SC 29607 (864) 242-4856

How long after takin ultram 50 mg can I take a percocet

How long after you take a pain pill can you take a different pain pill? Ask your Doctor. Of course he'll wonder where you got the one he didn't prescribe.