can i take hydrocodone with arthrotec?

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Answered: Question about hydrocodone tablets.

the shelf life is about two years, but you don't know how long they were on the shelf at the pharmacy. Get a new script if in doubt. visit my blog and click on the ads------->

Answered: How many hydrocodone are taken to get high?

I chew 10 vicoprophen (200 mg ibuprophen & 7.5 hydrocodone) each tablet when I've been clean for a while. Next day I take 15 tablets to get the same effect. Next day 20... The point is that tolerance increases exponentially to a point that no matter how many I take, all it does is alleviate ...

Answered: What is the strongest pain reliever of tramadol 50me, ibuprophen 800mg

I use all three for various reasons. Hydrocodone is the strongest for what it's prescribed for. Tramadol is good for the specific it's prescribed for. Ibuprofin is good only when the pain is due to inflammation.

Answered: How and can you smoke hydrocodone 10/325

Yep can smoke it if ya want....but it may be the last thing you smoke....So make out that Will to Judy....she will share it with me....hehehe.

Answered: Hydrocodone 7.5/700

sounds like you need NEW FEET or need to lose weight.... try Jenny Criag instead of looking for a high

Answered: Hydrocodone

Does your bottle say 1 pill every 4-6 hours? Or does is say 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours? If it says the 1 pill every4-6 hours and you are taking 2 instead, then you are abusing your prescription. In turn you are becoming addicted. Again may I recommend pain management? If you are truly afraid of ...
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How much hydrocodone 5/500 is lethal

Depends on your tolerance and your weight. A small female would OD much quicker than a large man. Why don't you just take them as directed so you don't have to worry. They aren't recreational drugs, they are serious business.

Can you take Hydrocodone with Clonazapem and Citalopram

This combination would be useful in a patient who suffers severe depression and chronic pain. However, the presence of these two disorders raises the specter of suicide and increases my index of suspicion. Due to the development of tolerance between benzodiazepines, I tend to change one for ...

Hydrocodone in urine

If you're being drug-tested for a job or the like, just admit you take it. What future employers do not like is being surprised. So for a drug test, they give you a form to fill out for you to list *everything* you take; and don't leave out anything. Vitamins, supplements, cholesterol and high ...

DEA law change to hydrocodone acet 325mg/7.5mg to class - How will CVS

That is what doctors prescribe junkies to keep them quiet. That strength doesn't exist because there is no need for it.