can I take effexor and alka seltzer together?

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Answered: Siphons of seltzer

Sodastream is a great product that I highly recommend. I myself am a fan of seltzer and soda. There is nothing better than fresh home made soda. With SodaStream Soda Makers you can put as much syrup as you like. I was able to buy mine at a discount along with free shipping here http://www.seltzer ...

Answered: Tiffany soda syphon/seltzer top cover

I don't know about Tiffany Soda Siphon, but now you they have these great Home Soda Makers by SodaStream. They are awsome. You can make your own soda just like the Siphon except they also have different soda flavors you can add. I got a great deal on one at

Answered: The effects of temperature on rate

Hi Marligreen, ---------- Rate of what ? – If you refer to chemical reaction than the answer is straight forward: Increasing the temperature increases the chemical rate. A simple example: Sugar will dissolve quicker in a boiling tea than in cold tea. --------- Best regards,

Answered: How to carbonate water to make seltzer or soda at home?

No need to buy soda from stores anymore. I bought my own home soda maker from here: and now enjoy delicious, fresh and healthy home made soda drinks, not to mention I am able to save money this way as well, so all is good. The site gives a 10% discount on all soda ...

Answered: I am searching for alka-mints?

Answered: Are there any interations between herbalife products and effexor?

You may want to check with your doctor. Herbalife products have worldwide quality assurance, and are considered food and supplements. I am a cancer and hereditary pancreatitis survivor and the products have helped tremendously with my health and feelings of wellbeing.
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Side effects from stopping prescribed Effexor XR?

Did your doctor tell you not to come off the effexor all at once. If you do stop the effexor all at once you will get very dizzy and neasous. The dizziness can last for weeks. If you ween off the medicine you will have a much smoother transition and experience no side effects. Please check with ...

Drug comparable to effexor?

I've had bouts of night sweats, and my partner is in the middle of menopause - complete with hot / cold flashes during the day and night sweats at night. She describes her hot flashes as like having a furnace inside her that suddenly goes out of control. Ultimately, we put together a ...

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Mushrooms to boost immunity

I don't really know about mushrooms but i've been using this for a while: and I'm pretty pleased. I don't sleep al the time anymore..:)