can i take clonazepam with levaquin?

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Answered: Levaquin

According to the drugs warnings if your muscles, particularly your tendons are sore at all (especially in the ankle region) you should contact your doctor immediately...this drug is prone to causing tendon weakness and can cause severe tendon injuries.

Answered: Withdraw from clonazepam

pool8345, From what I understand, Clonazepam is a long acting Benzo and Ativan is a short acting Benzo, meaning it takes as much as 72 hours for the Clonazepam to clear your system and Ativan being a short acting Benzo clears your system faster. But it often requires you take more of the Ativan to ...

Answered: Lorazepam or Clonazepam for depression, sleeping and anxiety

Almost all medications react differently in each person. This is a question only a qualified physician could answer depending on the results of a thorough examination.

Answered: How many pills does it take to overdose clonazepam?

Am I out of the loop? Does clonazepam only come in one strength now?

Answered: Clonazepam?

Hello Jodee, Well now that's an interesting question in that it isn't what you wrote, but what you didn't write that I find hard to understand. How long have you been taking benzodiazepines for your "sleep disorder" ? Please don't misinterpret that as a diss. However, when you wrote "but need this ...

Answered: What is levaquin 750 used for?

Levaquin is an antibiotic. It might be used for skin infection, sinus infection, pneumonia, urinary tract infection. A dosage of 750 is the strongest dose; it might only be used for complicated infections. It might be used for other infections.
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What cam i take instead of levaquin?

Levaquin is an antibiotic that is used to treat infections that are resistant to other drugs, such as MRSA. Are you having side effects? There are lots of other antibiotics, and your doctor can prescribe over the phone. Your doctor probably has a reason for choosing levaquin, depending on where ...

Can amoxicillin and levaquin be taken together

Jack, These 2 drugs can be taken together. There is no problem.

Which drug would give me brain fog or fatigue the most? - effexor

My vote would go to clonazepam, but I'm not familiar with a couple of those.