can i take aspirin with beta blocker?

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Answered: Spell check not working for AOL Desktop BETA Rev ...

Hi Soozy, Update. I downloaded ANOTHER version of AOL Desktop 9.7 Rev. 4343.3041. Updated existing version. Spell check is still working. Best regards, Gary M

Answered: Beta-blockers

Food Sources Foods high in methionine include: · Cottage cheese (dry) 1,200 mg/cup · Cottage cheese (crmd) 854 mg/cup · Fish & other seafoods 2,000-3,500 mg/lb · Meats 750-2,500 mg/lb · Poultry 1,500-2,000 mg/lb · Peanuts, roasted w skin 640 mg/cup · Sesame seeds 1,400 mg/cup · Dry ...

Answered: Beta Blockers

If you need a beta blocker, you should get a prescription medication. I don't think there are any natural beta blockers, but even if there are, you shouldn't risk it. It's a big thing, and if you don't take the right dosage you might cause real damage.

Answered: Beta chatroom i can't access this room anymore...why is this?

It's been closed. It was a Userplane chat and AOL closed Userplane. Hardly anyone ever came in for help anymore, so it was getting kind useless for us Beta Testers to just sit there day in, day out.

Answered: Aspirin can help pain

Aspirin does help alleviate pain from headaches, fever and muscle pain. It can also act as blood thinner. My mom even uses it for her hypertension. It may also be effective for clot prevention after hip replacement surgery. You can read about it at ...
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Is Aspirin a registered trademark or is it considered a generic?

In countries where Aspirin is a registered trademark owned by Bayer , the generic term is acetylsalicylic acid

Does aspirin fight cancer?

Yes I have heard of that Study not that long ago.. Was very interesting.. Sweet G