Can I take allegra with meclizine?

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Answered: I am giving Allegra to my 6 year old

If you give two times a day - the first time interval of 10 hours and the second 14 hours between taking the pill, it's okay. For details on using Allegra children read here -

Answered: Clariton, Allegra, or something else?

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Allegra) I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

Answered: What is the difference between mecllizine and meclizine hci

Presuming you mean "hcl", hydroclorides are added to cause the medication to work faster once ingested. They, also, help preserve the medication for a longer shelf life.

Answered: Where Antihistamine Allegra got it's name

The truth is, most product names are chosen from a list of names randomly generated by a computer. No joke. The list of names is then tested on a test panel. That's why some product names make no sense at all.

Answered: Can I take a claritin in the morning and Allegra at night?

I am wondering the same thing, but if you were to do it, I would flip it around since claritin can make you drowsy and Allegra I believe is more of a stimulant.

Answered: How did the Antihistomine "Allegra" get it's name?

Allegra means happy in Italian. Perhaps it is from that
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Can you mix albuterol propelled with allegra allergy medication?

You mean take a dosed hit off your inhaler and pop an Allegra? Yeh, that's fine.