Can i take bactrim and nyquil together?

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Answered: Can nyquil boost alcohol level

Sure, Nyquil will boost your blood alcohol leve. since it contains alcohol itself. You should have told your work that you had taken Nyquil; they might have been more understanding. The steroid shot didn't help, either. Steroids decrease the rate of metabolism of alcohol, making it slower to be ...

Answered: Did they change Ingredients in Nyquil?

Yeah, you need to get Nyquil for night time.

Answered: NyQuil and Cefprozil together?

I know that mixing meds can be harmfull in most cases. Why don't you call the pharmacy and ask if this will be safe for you. As far as the med that was precribed I am unfamiliar with this antibiotic. I do know that from time to time I need a sleep aid to help me. I asked my Dr. if nyquil was safe ...

Answered: Can you give children nyquil?

Read the directions on the box.. It will tell you if and how much you can dose.

Answered: Bactrim for Strep Throat?

I am also surprised why he prescribed Bactrim . U said u are allergic to Penicillin thats mean "u may get easily allergic to Bactrim as well" . The only reason he switched the drug is to reduced resistance of this drug, but its not the right choice. Bactrim is excellent for urinary tract infection ...
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How long will side effects last?

Side effects depend on multiple factors, medication, dose, how long it has been taken, individual's size; what other medications, OTC medications, supplements and foods are being consumed. If you tell us which side effect you are having and some of the info above, answers would probably help you ...

Can benadryl be taken with bactrim DS

Bactrim DS is an antibiotic that has multiple adverse side effects. Benadryl is an antihistamine. Please remember to consult your physician before taking ANY OTC medications. At the very least, consult your pharmacy! hs

How many m g's a day of bactrim will cure a urinary infection

One hundred-four women with symptoms of lower urinary tract inflammation (dysuria, frequency, and suprapubic tenderness) were randomly assigned to one of two treatment regimens: either a single dose of two double-strength trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, (TMP-SMZ) tablets (320 mg of TMP and 1,600 mg ...

I have had staph for 6 months and 3 rounds of bactrim ds and i want to

When my nephew was a little boy he got a staph infection that kept coming back over and over again. My sister said it took several years before the doctor got it under control, so maybe that's happening to you?