can i sue for money owed on a?

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Answered: Money Owed To Me

If your boyfriend owe you money but have not paid you can you sue him although there was nothing signed?

Answered: My friend owes me money

yes you will have to take it to small court,make sure you have a paper stating that she owes you the money,that proves my point never loan money and never cosign loans for friends or family,you will lose without the note and you might lose a friend,but you will learn a lesson,and she not a real ...

Answered: A relative owes me money and I want to put a lien ...

How do I put a Lien on an Automobile that is out of state?

Answered: If you pay rent and the landlord refuses it do you still owe it?

I agree with that Landlord are in business to make money and if they are refusing a rent that you are paying then you should check what is the reason behind it. Also you should contact rental manager company which may help you for that.

Answered: How to sue relative that owes money?

You can sue in Small Claims Court if the amount is small enough (it might be $5000, or $10,000 depending on your state). You will have to have evidence that it was a loan. You can sue in regular court if the amount is too big. Then if you win, you can get court orders to seize money from bank ...

Answered: What if a contractor has been paid in full and in 3 months wants paid

Without billing or invoices, no. You are legally entitled to itemized invoices showing where the money was spend, both on materials and labor. This constitutes a legal document. If he has done no further work to produce an invoice showing where the money went, he is not entitled to any monies ...
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