can I plant peach trees and apple trees side by side?

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Answered: How to sprout a peach tree limb.

I thought he meant how do you sprout one, like you can sprout cuttings from many plants. But most trees don't work that way.

Answered: Who to ask about planting trees on land?

I think you should get advice from the Arbor Care Inc..

Answered: What could be the cause of holes in leaf buds of peach trees? Any info

Certain insects could be the reason for the holes. You might try spraying with a natural insect killer. Go to your local gardening store (or a Home Depot) and speak with an employee in the gardening department. Good luck.

Answered: Planting Trees?

Yes, You can do it but it is important to take an advice from Arbor Care Inc.

Answered: Huge Tree Move

yes, it is possible and you can move big tree from one place to another place. But for this you need a company that transplant it. and for this you can take help from Arbor Care, Inc.

Answered: We have 2 peach trees that we bought at Lowes Home ...

If they havn't leafed out by now-- take them back to where U bought them
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Pruning Apple Trees

This web site has the answer to your question.

Pesticide free bug repellent for apple trees home made and what kind of

In our area, you will see apple trees with milk jugs attached. They have nothing to do with our dairy farming. Strange, huh? Well, we put in them a mixture of 1 cup molasses, 1 cup warm water, and 2 tablespoons of yeast, mixed, and then add a banana peel or two. It keeps bugs and worms form our ...

Can I pick peaches before they ripen on the tree?

If U know there is a hugh set of Fruit-- when they get about marble size-- thenthen out to about 1 every 6 inches or so. Use poles to support the branches

We have a peach tree, which yields abundant fruit ...

Hello Elaine, I live in So. Utah so we don't really have squirrels, you might try big aluminum pie pans with some type of scent smirred on them, do you own dogs? I know that's not the forsure cure but good luck............