can i get a handicapped sticker for plantar fasciitis?

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Answered: What causes Plantar Fasciitis?

Physical therapy can be of great benefit for the treatment of plantar fasciitis with custom orthotics, exercise, modalities, and manual therapy.

Answered: Terranea,CA Resort charging handicapped parking stickers, is that

I would question this practice - & file a complaint.

Answered: Plantar fasciitis cause leg pain?

Not likely. Sciatica can cause pain all the way up the leg.

Answered: How do I get a handicapped sticker for parking for my car?

You need to go to your doctor for the paperwork and approval

Answered: The bottom of my heel is numb, does anyone know if this is policemans

I have plantar fasciitis for a few months and as much as I know it is always painful and never numb. If the numbness doesn't come back - do not worry about it. If it does come back you should get a professional diagnosis. You can find out about plantar fasciitis symptoms in the following website ...
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