can i get a handicapped sticker for plantar fasciitis?

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Answered: What causes Plantar Fasciitis?

Physical therapy can be of great benefit for the treatment of plantar fasciitis with custom orthotics, exercise, modalities, and manual therapy.

Answered: How do I get a handicapped sticker for parking for my car?

You need to go to your doctor for the paperwork and approval

Answered: The bottom of my heel is numb, does anyone know if this is policemans

I have plantar fasciitis for a few months and as much as I know it is always painful and never numb. If the numbness doesn't come back - do not worry about it. If it does come back you should get a professional diagnosis. You can find out about plantar fasciitis symptoms in the following website ...

Answered: How can a small, non established business successfully use stickers as a

Stickers, just like any other print materials, is an effective tool to make your business remembered. The good thing about custom made stickers from other print material is that you can actually stick them anywhere. They become really attractive to potential customers. You can add the sticker to ...

Answered: Square dancer sticker

I am not getting you want you are loooking for? Stickers or something else?
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What is the best treatment for Plantar Fasciitis?

I use insoles/OTC arch supports. Specifically, WelStand ones. I like them a lot and they've helped with my foot pain.

How Do I Get plantar fasciitis treatment?

izufrancis- Are you an idiot? Do expect any sane, rational individual to believe what you say in your post? You don't get chosen to represent your school in a track event unless you are on the team and you have spent and are spending a lot of time training. That means running. Bubba's cousin, Bo ...