can i find a place to live without niggers?

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Answered: Favorite Places are gone

My favorites are all gone too. I started to restore my list yesterday. And now that is gone. HELP!!!

Answered: Why shanghai is considered to be best place around the world?

shanghai is growing a big and modern city day by day.with high skyscraper buildings and wonderful night life many people from around the world likes to visit shanghai and love to live over here. Foreigners enjoy their life in shanghai. local people here are friendly too. for more info visit http ...

Answered: What and the hell is wrong with you Niggers?

From the movie "taxi"......" are you talking to me?"

Answered: How to fix a gas fire place i have a non electric ...

For anyone who is getting some problems in lighting the pilot of the gas fireplace, this might be a sign that your particular gas supply has become exhausted. If this isn't the reason, maybe it's a defective thermocouple on the gas insert which should be fixed by an expert. No matter what it is ...
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Can the federal govt place lien on house after its been sold?

Our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster has been posting since before 1 PM EST under 6 different aliases and is still posting. This will continue until tomorrow morning. You would think he would take the hint and go away because everyone on here ignores him. What kind of ...

Are there any haunted places near warner robins ga? within an hours

Check out this link. Interesting.

How can I make Favorite Places work on the internet version of aol mail

Unfortunately the software Favorites can't be exported to a web browser.

What are the most popular places to travel?

The most popular places to travel and have vacations whether they are with family & friends or a honeymoon trip in USA are Hawaii, San Francisco-California, Orland-Florida, Luray-Virginia, New York and Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. As far as concern to other part of the world, they are Paris ...