can i find a place to live without niggers?

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Answered: How to fix a gas fire place i have a non electric ...

For anyone who is getting some problems in lighting the pilot of the gas fireplace, this might be a sign that your particular gas supply has become exhausted. If this isn't the reason, maybe it's a defective thermocouple on the gas insert which should be fixed by an expert. No matter what it is ...

Answered: Called a Nigger at work by an employee twice within 5 minutes of each

youall be niggas, dont belong on this here earth, scum of the earth, filthiest animals alive

Answered: I am having difficulty moving folders in my ...

I found the answer by engaging in an on-line chat with an AOL technician. It involves selecting the folder(s) you want to move and then dragging and dropping them into the "Favorite Places" folder at the top of the list. You must select the folders to be moved in the order in which you want them ...

Answered: How can I make Favorite Places work on the internet version of aol mail

Unfortunately the software Favorites can't be exported to a web browser.
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Hope this helps. Taken from the California Department of Real Estate Reference Book. Pg. 417. Section on Taxation and assessments. "Any unpaid Internal Revenue Code tax becomes a lien on all property and rights to property of the taxpayer, including property or rights to property acquired after the ...

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Well as a former restaurant manager I can tell you you are lucky you didn't just get fired. It is a HUGE liability issue for customers to be in the kitchen former employee or not. As for the rest of it take your warning and let it go the longer things stay stirred up the longer it will take things ...

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Melrose Place Old vs New?

Like the old cast a lot better than the new. Ryan the external hard drive guy