Can I e-file the injured spouse form through Turbo Tax..or do I send the form sperately to IRS?

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Answered: Injured Spouse, where's my refund?

You better call and ask them if they actually processed your form. I turned my form in with my taxes and they said they never got it. I've waited two months already and now I'll have to wait an additional 8 weeks processing time for the new form I mailed today.

Answered: Filing taxes for 2009

Unfortunately your husband cannot be claimed as a dependent since he is still receiving some sort of income and you both are married. You can only claim children as dependents. In order to get more money, however, you may qualify for the earned income credit since the minimum to qualify has been ...

Answered: I pastor a very small church and receive a small salary. What is best

Your employer is the one to send you a W2 or a 1099.

Answered: Filing 1099-misc form?

p.s. you said "EMPLOYER". Were you an EMPLOYEE? If yes, the employer messed up. You should file an SS-8. Are you sure you were "employed", or were you sub-contracted? (Key operative definition of employer: "...having the RIGHT to direct and control your work, regardless of exercising that right ...

Answered: I forgot to send form 1040-V with my federal return but added check

Check this site PDFfiller where you can find blank and fillable 1040 V form. It allows you to save, print, fax, mail or send to sign the form directly from the site. Here is the link to the blank form

Answered: My husband and I have been married for a little ...

Before you do anything else, I suggest getting a DNA test first. If it comes back that the child is his, then proceed further.
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Hi Ann. Any word on yours? I contacted my Advocate yesterday the 16th and she informed me that she submitted all my info and was giving them 1 week to complete the injured spouse. What info did you have to fax to your advocate? I was just wondering because you were told 6 weeks and i was told 1 week ...

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