can I eat chalk for heartburn?

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Answered: Hot water to relieve gas for heartburn

Using Coca-Cola is like fighting fire with fire. By adding carbonation to your stomach's contents, you may evoke belching that will allow some trapped gases to escape. But, the acid in the beverage will probably aggravate your heartburn. Most indigestion products have ingredients to counteract ...

Answered: Is there any truth that heartburn affects dogs as well?

Hi taligat, of course it's true, especially if your dogs is being fed left over from supper. In fact, the metabolism of your dog and it's digestive system are very similar to human. It you want to know more about heartburn disorders and how to cure indigestion just go to heartburn home remedies

Answered: I started getting heartburn when I was pregnant ...

Well crazyforcats you just may have to come to the realization that you have GERD. All the home remedies in the world won't help the problem if it is something physical. Don't be afraid to try prescription drugs such as Prevasaid, Prilosec, or Nexium. They can do wonders for you and prevent further ...

Answered: Tips for reducing the effects of pregnancy induced heartburn

I had heartburn towards the end of my pregnancy and the doctor told me to take have a sleeping and Vitamin B supplement to relieve the heartburn. But you should check with your doctor before doing so. Pregnancy Without Pounds

Answered: Natural Remedy for Heartburn in Pregnant Women

Try to eat bananas - there natural antacid helps the stomach to relieve heartburn by coating it. Great Heartburn Home Remedies

Answered: Is there any truth in dogs being able to get heartburn? If so, how does

I think my dogs occasionally get heartburn when they eat too quickly. I can usually tell when when one of them has it when they're mid-feeding and start coughing as if they've put too much in their mouth or I'm laying with them after they've eaten and I can hear the food in their bellies.
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