can i cash my 401k plan out with pizza hut?

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Answered: IRA and 401k Money Market Insurance

The only time funds are protected by the FDIC is if the 401k account is in a bank or Credit Union account. More than likely your account is with a securities firm and there is no FDIC protection.

Answered: After paying into a employees sponsered 401k plan ...

First you said you withdrew your complete account. Now you are asking about other investments. It makes no sense. Talk to your financial officer at work. We have no way of knowing how your company runs or what the rules are. Ask the people who know. What benefits are you entitled to? How can ...

Answered: What does M.E.R. stand for? in regards to 401k ira's

I think M.E.R. is the Median Expected Return; that is, in half the years it will exceed that return, and in the other half it will be less (even negative). One problem is that if it returns 10% for 4 years and -40% in the 5th year, the median of 10% will vastly overstate the average return.

Answered: How safe are 401k plans? My husband has gone back ...

Here are 3 web sites that offer advice about the 401k.

Answered: Are there any good copycat recipes for pizza hut ...

You can get your answer about pizza hut like italian restaurants , appetisers from

Answered: 401K WORRIES!!!!!

If you can transfer the funds to an IRA then investing in nontraditional assets which you have more control over may be the answer for you. Visit for more information
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A 401k rollover is where you the participant move your account value/assets to an IRA (typically). IRAs are the catchall for contribution plans such as 401k and defined benefit plans such as pensions.

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