can i burn old plaster drywall?

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Answered: Plastering Drywall Home Improvement

Really easy way to fill the nail holes in the wall: Erase A Hole Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Putty . It allows you to patch holes in drywall, plaster, and wood.

Answered: Shelf on a plaster "drywall"

drywall and plaster are not the same thing. If your particular wall is made of drywall, then typically, it would have been screwed onto metal or steel studs at every 16" on center. You can screw directly into a stud, depending on the wieght of your shelf, and if it spans 16", a stud can hold lots of ...

Answered: Will putting drywall over plaster work?

The short answer is yes, as long as the screws are long enough to screw into the lath. The problem will be around the door jambs and window jambs. If you take off the casings around the doors and windows and put 1/2" drywall on each side of the wall, you will see the drywall between the jambs and ...

Answered: What is the price for supply & istall of drywall in the commerical

To many things go into the price. You can't just say x per sq ft. If you call a contractior to give you a bid they will be happy to.

Answered: Jerry Burns


Answered: Minimum spacing for dry wall nailing. Can you over nail and weaken

Nails 12-18' on walls and 10-12" on ceilings. Screws (preferred) same using drill driver set bit.
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Chinese drywall is a devastating problem homeowners across the country. You can find a lawyer specialisation in this matter. They can help homeowners who are seeking compensation.

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Hooks in drywall

for relatively light objects, a toggle bolt will do nicely. The hook generally has an escutcheon on it that will cover the larger than normal hole required by the toggle. If you get into something heavier like a light or a ceiling fan,you'll want to attach you hook into or brace across two or more ...

What can you use to fill small hole in drywall and paint same day?

As in small like a nail or thumb tack hole you can use the same trick that every college kid has used. Toothpaste. It sounds silly but it works. For larger holes, this site will tell you how to repair. Good luck and best ...