can i be allergic to acrylic on my night guard?

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Answered: Acrylic

If you mean that you are working in a salon and doing nails every day, unless you eat the arcrylic, it's not likely harmful. It's actually more harmful to the ladies who are getting their nails done because often times, if one's not careful, an infection can grow underneath the arcrylic and ruin the ...

Answered: Good night

Getting a good night's sleep - a perfectly natural human function -- has become quite complicated. Do we really need all these extra creature comforts to eke out some quality Zzz's?

Answered: How do I clean my acrylic jewelry

Acrylic is the most fragile of all body jewelry worn today, so while cleaning, be gentle with it. Use a mild soap to clean, and rinse in not overly warm water. This type of jewelry cannot be autoclaved. Should you want it sterile, this is best done with a UV Sterilizer – however this may not be ...

Answered: II have scratches in my acrylic kitchen sink. i ...

Try toothpaste. The air force used to clean up airplane glass by buffing the scratches out with toothpaste. It's a very gentle abrasive.
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Gel or acrylic?

I do not think either should matter with your hands getting wet but i have tried both and I think that gel look much more natural and are less harsh on the nail. I also think gel lift less, which i guess it good when getting them wet - but that was just my experience. A lot depends on the system ...

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You can always try an airbrush tattoo first!

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