can i be grandfathered into becoming a lmsw?

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Answered: LMSW exam

There is a forum for this specific question. Go to this link . Another site that can help you is this one . A third site is this one . Why didn't they have the Internet when I was in college?

Answered: What makes a grandfather clock run slow even with ...

There is a weight on the pendulum. It's place can be adjusted. Put it a little bit higher and the clock will run faster. You'll have to "play" a bit until you find the right spot. In some clocks there is a coarse weight and a fine weight (to enable the exact setting).

Answered: What makes a grandfather clock run fast even when the bob is clear

The weight (on the pendulum) is too high. I am not a native English speaker, please expalin what does the term "bob" means. Tnx in advance.

Answered: Grandfather clock chimes before actual time on clock

Your clock may have a friction-operated adjustment that a good clocksman could adjust for you. In the meantime, and without further reference to the more technical approach, let's see if there isn't something you can do yourself with both expedience and a little courage. # 1. Check the minute hand ...

Answered: How do you stop a grandfather clock?

To stop the clock, simply bring the pendulum to a halt. If you wish to have the clock operating without the quarter-hour chimes, look for a "silence" lever along the side of the dial. If this lever is present, then the rest you wish is only a motor skill away. If not, then simply do not wind the ...
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