can i bake a cake in a corningware round dish?

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Answered: When baking a chocolate cake, is it possible to ...

yeah, im sure it will taste good as well as chocolate cake. :) good luck!

Answered: Which Indian dish is more famous in Ireland.?

Yeah, best Indian food in Ireland. Sanjaykitchen is the place!

Answered: Do You Ever Bake from Scratch?

::Pardon the onset of revulsion:: Bisquick? Canned biscuits? Cake mixes? Let us realize that bakers and chefs practice two slightly diffent arts but we work in the same kitchen. I lust after hand-made bread with dough so sour that it has to have come from a politician, and a crust so crackly ...

Answered: Cake baking in altitude

The difference between baking at sea level or high altitude actually affects several things, and cakes are particularly susceptible to these effects. At high altitudes evaporation occurs more easily, and leavening agents react more quickly. Some general adjustments to make for baking at 3,000 feet ...

Answered: Bake sale? Creative Ideas Please?

anne a vitasek anne vitasek happy labor day!

Answered: Can you bake 3 cakes in oven at same time

It depends on what size pans you are using. The pans need to be spaced to allow the heat to circulate for even baking. You can put 2 rectangular on one shelf and another on the shelf above. For round pans, 8 or 9 inch, stagger them on the same shelf, not touching or touching the oven walls. Be ...
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Which fruits are best for upside down cakes?

for me, pineapple is the best and you may add cherries to make it look and taste better. :)

Cake baking

after you let the cake set to cool you take a cookie sheet and put alumium foil on it take the cookie sheet with the alumium foil put it on top of the cake now hold the bottom of your cake panand cookiesheet pan and flip my mom tought me this trick and it works perfect

Serving Cake

Thanks for your help.

Has anyone got any tips on how to become better at baking?

I had cooked for years, in fact, I had a thriving catering business. I added a line of cakes and specialty foods. After cooking creatively all of my life, I soon discovered that baking is both art and chemistry. I found it easy to deal with the chemistry part - I simply followed the directions ...