can i add money to someone else's prepaid debit card?

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Answered: If you already have a debit card at your bank, is ...

It depends upon the card and your needs, What kind of requirement you have and what kind of credit card you have, because every credit card has their own features. You can get the another credit card with the same back or you can increase the limit of the existing credit card as per you requirement ...

Answered: Credit card that comes along with offers?

Yes it comes along with the different kinds of offers so that you can take maximum advantage of that.

Answered: Is it worth applying for debit card in UAE?

Hi, If you are going to live in the UAE then I would say yes definitely apply for a debit card. I lived there and used mine all the time. Most of the shops in shopping malls will accept this type of card. For more info on banking in the UAE check out ...

Answered: How to Repair Your Credit and get secured debit ...

It’s a widespread myth that filing bankruptcy will ruin your credit forever. While it’s true that bankruptcy does some serious damage to your credit score, with the right steps you can get new credit again. Bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years and on record with the bankruptcy ...
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Debit Card vs. Credit Card

Credit Card - Usage will make u a creditor to the bank whose credit card you are using. You need to pay back later. Upper limit is decided by the bank . Debit Card - You have already paid the bank . While using it you decrease the amount in the bank . So basically its pre paid money. You have ...

Citi debit card

Probably call the # on the back of the card?

Hi guys, i have a international debit card, by that can i use it for

Your international debit card means you can withdraw money worldwide. To transfer you normally need to do that from your bank account directly.

Which bank provide prepaid card in singapore, need it urgently?

You should check with POSB Bank as I've heard from a friend that they offer prepaid card … …you may want to visit their website to get more details.